“I am committed to helping clients translate their passion for advocacy into something that is actionable, fundable, and understandable. I help people tell stories that matter.”

Partner to Global Social Movements

Encouraging students to become environmental activists

“It is impossible to overstate the incredible impact Lyndon has had on our work. There is no question that she has accelerated our growth and enhanced our impact in significant ways. We would not be where we are without her."

Philippe Cousteau, Co-Founder and President, EarthEcho International

EarthEcho has a bold idea—to save the environment by engaging young people. They do this by providing inspiration and tools for service learning projects in more than 120 countries. Lyndon is helping the organization build out their story and scale their approach. With her strategic guidance, the organization is translating their vision into no less than a global social movement.

Leader of National Public Health Campaign

Spearheaded by Lyndon, the Truth Campaign has been the most successful public health campaign in the US to prevent adolescent tobacco use

“Lyndon is one of the most dedicated, smart, and industrious public health professionals in the field today.”

Dr. Donna Vallone, Chief Evaluation Science and Research Officer, Legacy for Health

Lyndon was the Chief Operating Officer at the American Legacy Foundation when the enormously successful Truth Campaign was launched. At the time, this campaign was the largest-ever public service campaign in the US targeting a single issue- tobacco use amongst young people.

Lyndon spearheaded the multi-faceted initiative, which included creating an online community for teens, television and radio ads, a print campaign, and live intercepts at places such as music venues. The result was a lot of buzz about not smoking and a teen-led movement that has effectively reduced tobacco use among teens to its lowest-ever levels.

Advocate for Human Rights

Lyndon speaking in Viet Nam

"Lyndon's commitment to refugees and immigrants is expressed mightily in her work as an advocate. Her strategic approach, combined with her skill at leveraging relationships is a powerful force for change."

Linda Hartke, President and CEO, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)

Lyndon has been a passionate advocate for refugees and immigration reform since beginning her career in 1984 at the Philippine Refugee Processing Center in Bataan and the Philippine First Asylum Center in Palawan.

In the U.S., she’s been honored to partner with LIRS in their work with migrants and refugees. She’s walked the halls of Congress to talk with legislators about the importance of the immigrant story to the future of our country and has also accompanied refugees and migrants when they tell their stories.

Whether serving as a storyteller or a facilitator of storytelling, her purpose is to link strategic communications with the specific goal of working towards comprehensive immigration reform and support for refugee resettlement.