“I am committed to bringing people together around a singular goal to create meaningful and sustainable change.”

CEO of Darkness to Light

Preparing to moderate a panel on community resiliency with Jay Sandusky, Howard Long, and Dr. Regina Benjamin 

“Lyndon leads from the heart, and understands the importance of building a national and international dialogue to protect children and prevent child sexual abuse.”

Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA, 18th U.S. Surgeon General, Founder, Bayou Clinic, Inc.

Since February 2015, Lyndon has been the CEO of Darkness to Light. She is working to create a solid foundation that will enable the organization to lead a national movement to end child sexual abuse in America. Her focus is on bringing the board and staff together around a common vision and working towards scaling D2L’s global impact.

Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council

Inaugural meeting of the CUNY School of Public Health Advisory Council

“Lyndon’s passion around the plight of refugees and other populations suffering from unpredictable climatic, political and biological risks has led her to take a leadership role in bringing together organizations and skilled professionals to respond to these challenges.”

Dr. Ayman A.E. El-Mohandes, Dean, CUNY School of Public Health

As chair of the Dean’s Advisory Council, Lyndon helps identify key potential donors, supporters, and thought leaders who can help the CUNY School of Public Health build the most global school of public health in the most global city on earth. The Council is dedicated to leveraging its collective resources and expertise to position CUNY as an international leader in Public Health innovation and service.

Award-Winning Public Health Advocate

Speaking to public health students about social justice and change

“Lyndon is an exceptional individual. A visionary. A change maker. And a transformative leader. She is brilliant, passionate and focused. Lyndon is a public health champion and 100% committed to making a difference in population health.”

Torrey Wasserman, MBA, MHA, Development Manager, American Public Health Association

Lyndon has served on the Executive Board at APHA, and as the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the American Journal for Public Health. She created APHA’s Public Health Mentoring Award and a Challenge Grant that helps students attend the national APHA Annual Meeting.

She has received the Friend of the Student Assembly Award twice, an award honoring the public health professional who has made the greatest impact on public health students across the country. She has also been awarded the Director’s Citation, an honor given by the APHA’s Executive Director to recognize outstanding contribution to the Association.