Dr. Haviland Honored by APHA Student Assembly

Lyndon Haviland was recently honored by The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Student Assembly as the first recipient of the organization’s Millennium Award.  The award recognizes Dr. Haviland’s “extraordinary dedication, leadership, mentorship and support.”  From APHA’s Student Assembly:

The APHA Student Assembly Millennium Award recognizes an individual’s extraordinary dedication, leadership, mentorship and support of the Student Assembly of the American Public Health Association. The Student Assembly created this award in 2018 and recognized Dr. Haviland as its first recipient. Among Dr. Haviland’s many notable contributions to the APHA Student Assembly, in 2011, Dr. Haviland established the APHA Annual Meeting Student Scholarship Fund that has since helped send nearly 270 public health students to the APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition. In addition, in 2008, Dr. Haviland created the Student Assembly Mentoring Award, renamed the Lyndon Haviland Public Health Mentoring Award in 2018, that recognizes the essential role of mentoring in public health and leadership development and is awarded annually to a senior public health practitioner or academician who takes an active role in mentoring students and young professionals through regular contact, professional development, research support or joint publications. For more than a decade, Dr. Haviland has been instrumental in helping transform today’s public health students into tomorrow’s public health leaders. The APHA Student Assembly is forever grateful to Dr. Haviland for her unwavering support.

Photo credit: EZ Event Photography